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About us

About us

We are a Czech family company, EUROTRADINGGROUP s.r.o., founded in 2010. In the Czech Republic, we operate under the trade name Kamna Schejbal. We manufacture our own design of fireplace stoves and inserts. Drawing from our extensive experience, our manufacturing roots date back to 1996 when we began metalworking in our first workshop.

We utilize our expertise in manufacturing and designing individual parts and components in our operations. As a result, our fireplace and tiled stoves stand out in terms of quality, design, and craftsmanship, placing them among the best on the Czech market. Our products are also exported to Western European countries; for example, in the United Kingdom, they are marketed under the trade names Woodland, Loxton, Somerton, Churchill, or Christon.

We manufacture our products with consideration for ecology, utility properties, and longevity. That’s why our fireplace stoves meet even the strictest applicable standards of Western Europe with a significant margin. In our manufacturing process, we carefully select material suppliers and individual components, building long-term relationships to maintain our standards.

We are constantly learning, exploring new technologies, and seeking solutions that will put us one step ahead of traditional Czech manufacturers. We are flexible and attentive to your needs.

We do not manufacture products limited to the lowest possible price, and we never will. We will never compromise on materials, which is why our fireplaces will always be heavy, solid, and reliable.

We offer our customers comprehensive services, which is why we only sell our fireplaces through our own showrooms and online shop, where qualified experts are available to assist with selection or technical inquiries.

The driving force behind our company is you, our customers.