Fireplace Insert with Heat Exchanger 2101

58 620  vč. DPH

Fireplace Insert 2101 with a water heat exchanger, water power output of 7 kW. The heat exchanger does not require maintenance throughout its lifespan; combustion gases do not pass through the heat exchanger, so it does not need cleaning. The temperature of the water in the heat exchanger does not affect the combustion in the combustion chamber. The heat exchanger is insulated with EPDM rubber insulation, which is non-toxic, and no fibers are released from it. The fireplace insert does not produce soot, it has clean glass, just like the regular model 2101. The chamber is identical to the standard model 2101, even the fire-resistant vermiculite bricks are the same as in the model 2101 without the heat exchanger. The water volume of the heat exchanger is 36.3 liters, and the labyrinth path of the plate heat exchanger is 42 meters. (42 meters is the path of the cold water flow from the inlet to the warm water outlet from the heat exchanger). External air supply. Ecodesign 2022. Rear and top smoke outlet. Tertiary combustion. Extended warranty for 4 years. Powerful fireplace insert with cast iron doors for larger spaces. Log length of 50 cm. Flat large-area glass.


Fireplace Insert with Heat Exchanger 2101. This model is based on the fireplace stoves with a heat exchanger model 2101, featuring the same structural solution, where the outer shell of the insert is made of galvanized cover. The insert comes with a 3-sided design frame, steel lower rim, and a universal holder for building stone or tile hearths in case of reconstruction. The heat exchanger, just like in the model 2101, does not require maintenance throughout its lifespan; the combustion gases do not pass through the heat exchanger, so it does not need cleaning. The temperature of the water in the heat exchanger does not affect the combustion in the combustion chamber.

With its quality of processing, structural design, and materials used, it differs from traditional Czech manufacturers. The fireplace insert 2101 belongs to the most powerful range of fireplace stoves from our production; it has gained its primacy among customers with its quality of processing and materials used. This fireplace insert is characterized by ecological combustion and high efficiency, allowing customers to save up to 40% of fuel consumption. All our models are equipped with tertiary combustion and the option of external air supply for combustion. Therefore, they are suitable for installation in passive and low-energy houses. Another highly desired feature is the minimal distance from flammable objects. The combustion chamber is made of 5mm thick steel sheet.

A single combined controller is used for regulating power and controlling the combustion mode, which adjusts power when extended and determines the combustion mode when rotated. The control is located in the lower part of the unit. Large-area cast iron doors are fitted with flat ROBAX glass measuring 499x327mm. The glass is cleaned during combustion with secondary air supply, ensuring it remains clean for customers to fully enjoy the view of the flames, which, combined with crackling wood, brings comfort into their homes.

Note to heating engineers: Before connecting to the hot water system, replace the plastic transport plugs with pressure fittings, a total of 5 pieces.

Additional information

Weight 213 kg
Dimensions 525 × 815 × 794 cm



80 cm




11kW z toho 7kW do vody

Průměr kouřovodu

150 mm



Tah komína

10-12 pa

Horní / zadní vývod kouřovodu

horní /zadní

Terciální spalování


Externí přisávání vzduchu


Externí připojení průměr

80 mm

EkoDesign 2022


CO2 při O2=13%

0,09 %

Prachové částice při O2=13%

28 mg/Nm3

Spotřeba paliva

3,2 Kg / hod.

Max. délka polena

50 cm

Energetický štítek




Tvar dvířek a skla

Rovné litinové dveře a sklo

Vytápěcí schopnost

125-400 m3 ( nízkoenergetický dům : 23W/hod/m3, středně izolovaný dům: 35W/hod/m3, špatně/ne izolovaný dům : 80W/hod/m3 )




8,72 %

Hmotnostní průtok spalin

10,6 g/s

°C spalin při 100% výkonu


Výška osy zadního kouřovodu




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